• Application Deadline: 03/06/2019
  • Company: MSU IT Services Teaching and Learning Technology
  • Location: East Lasning, Michigan

The Digital Content & Accessibility team (DCAT) in MSU Academic Technology is seeking a digital accessibility intern. DCAT serves Michigan State University by providing technical accessibility solutions and by advocating for the accessibility of digital materials. We work with web developers, content coordinators, and instructors/instructional designers. This paid position seeks designers, advocates, writers, and/or educators. We create and help to create experiences that can be used by anyone, regardless of disability.

Needs include:

  • - The ability to lead and manage projects while satisfying supervisor and client needs.
  • - The ability to collaborate on a team while being respectful of team and individual needs.
  • - Willingness to learn and develop new skills, and to work on diverse projects.
  • - A drive to want to develop professionally in a feedback-driven environment where students lead projects.
  • - High levels of motivation to create and communicate thoroughly and in a timely manner on a broad range of emerging technologies.
  • - The ability to effectively prioritize and manage multiple projects at once with an emphasis on quality and collaboration.
  • - A high level of digital literacy. Must be adaptable and intuitive of internet technologies, quick to pick up new softwares, production gear, and digital tools.
Career Communities:
Design, Technology, & Media

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