• Application Deadline: 02/28/2020
  • Company: Alpha Digital Co.
  • Location: Detroit, Michigan

Alpha Digital Co. is one of the premier digital marketing agencies in Detroit and the Midwest. Our team is comprised of competitive leaders who are experts at creating meaningful online presence and growth for brands and companies of all sizes, specializing mainly in small businesses.

As a Social Content Specialist, or Marketing and Outreach Specialist, you will head up all design and creation initiatives to generate social marketing platforms, schedules, and products for our business, as well as maintain and edit current documents and marketing efforts to increase effectiveness. 

What you’ll do

  • - Developing blog posts on industry-related topics for content leadership initiatives in conjunction with executive team.
  • - Conducting keyword research and using SEO guidelines to optimize content for all platforms, including client and our own.
  • - Coordinating with our design team to create infographics, presentations, and other collateral.
  • - Creating meaningful content for social media platforms, including light video and imagery production.
  • - Measuring traffic to digital content, including email campaigns, and using insights to improve performance.
  • - Offering your opinions and thoughts, and voicing opinions and ideas on creation ideas to create more meaning and organic growth for all outlets.
  • - Copywriting for email campaigns, advertising, product decks, webinars, and presentations.
  • - Learn how to work a social network digitally and expand outreach.
Career Communities:
Design, Technology, & Media
Publishing, Editing, & Authorship

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Career Communities

Entrepreneurship, Business, and Innovation

Visual Arts, Arts Administration, and Performing Arts

Publishing, Editing, and Authorship

Design, Technology, and Media

International Affairs, Law, and Government

Nonprofit, Education, and Social Impact