Bregenz, Austria

Music, Art and Culture in Bregenz takes place in Austria and Germany during summer session II (July). The program offers students the chance to experience some of the most impressive musical events in Europe and tour some of the world's finest art museums while learning how to appreciate music and art. The program also examines some of the political and cultural history of the two countries and its relevance to contemporary culture. Students are housed with families by a coordinator from Bregenz who lived in the U.S for 23 years.

The program is based in Bregenz - the site of an international opera festival. The central focus is an outside opera, which is performed on the world famous "floating" stage which floats on the lake, while the audience sits on the shore.  The sets are lavish and rival any Broadway performance. Next year we will see Rigoletto by Giuseppe Verdi. The set features a 46-foot clown's head rising out of the lake along with two hands, one of which holds a hot air balloon. The production always includes holograms, lights, fireworks, dancers and stunt people.

Students do not need to know anything about music or art or speak German (although if you do, that is great and it is a chance to refine your skills!) 

The group travels to Vienna and Munich, Germany for two 4-day weekends. On these trips, we tour some of the world’s finest art museums and look at the art we discussed in class. In Munich we also visit a concentration camp, Dachau, for which we hire a private guide. In each city, students have a free day to themselves to explore. There are also two other weekends which students have free.

Visit the Office for Education Abroad program page for more information or to apply. 

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