Communications Director

  • Application Deadline: Rolling
  • Company: CultureSource
  • Location: Detroit, Michigan

About CultureSource

CultureSource is a Detroit-based membership association that supports the vitality and sustainability of the Southeast Michigan creative community. Over 175 arts and culture nonprofits comprise our membership—your favorite organization in the region is more than likely a member—and we also use our expertise to serve artists, policymakers, and philanthropists striving to have creative and cultural expression benefit the public across the seven-county region.

Our work involves facilitating convenings and networking activities, managing funding/grantmaking initiatives, collecting data, and sharing knowledge.

In managing our aspirations to achieve even more, we are seeking added leadership from the newly created position of communications director to refine our messaging, create systems that allow us to work better, and broaden awareness of our presence as a resource for the creative sector.

The Position

There are four dimensions of the role of communications director.

Messaging: The communications director leads in using legible and influential messaging—words, images, and interactions—to respond to queries, build brand and service awareness, share our knowledge, and build two-way engagement with target audiences. Whether proactive or responsive, one-time or an ongoing multi-channel campaign, the communications director will set editorial priorities and ensure that
messaging is correct, consistent, and compelling. The communications director will also need to organize the full staff around specific messages and help shape narratives across organizational activities.

Staying Current: Keeping CultureSource’s digital platforms, printed materials, and boilerplate content up to date is a core function of the communications director. This staff member will respond to internal and external requests to fix or improve the accessibility of communications platforms as well as proactively search for outdated information. These efforts will be aided by the communications director’s ability to perform basic image editing and proof materials against style standards. Additionally, the communications director will stay informed of arts sector developments and news inside and outside of CultureSource.

Promoting Visibility: The communications director will optimize the public’s ability to discover CultureSource and our offerings. This includes helping CultureSource program managers achieve participation targets for their events, initiatives, campaigns, etc. These efforts will involve actively growing subscribers and followers as well as generating public storytelling opportunities— radio, live streaming, blogging, letters to editors, etc.

Growing Capacity: In support of our aims to do progressively bolder and more creative work, the communications director will create systems and experiment with new technologies to help the organization work better, e.g. editorial calendars, style guides, CRM analytics, and communications templates. The communications director will also grow contact lists of press and influencers and our stockpile of photography, videography, and illustrations related to our contemporary work. When additional creative capacity is needed, the director will manage contractors in art and design.

Candidate Qualities and Characteristics

Given CultureSource’s time sensitivity in taking advantage of advancement opportunities, we are prioritizing communications director candidates who have demonstrated skills.

The ideal candidate likely has many of the following characteristics:

  • Is a language connoisseur, for instance, geeky about political PR apparatuses or grammar and usage (with unwavering belief in the serial comma)
  • Has an educational or professional background in the arts or a lifestyle-defining engagement with the arts and culture sector
  • Is connected to the culture of Southeast Michigan as a native or current resident
  • Is attuned to and intrigued by the nuances of different styles of cultural and artistic expression
  • Makes ongoing investments in advancing personal cultural competency and understanding bias
  • Has demonstrably high visual intelligence, for instance, an ability to notice inconsistencies in paragraph spacing in a document or perceive potentially negative connotations of a graphic
  • Has implemented a communications strategy with revenue and expense goals, and can detail outcomes of that work related to those goals
  • Is confident using WordPress, Mailchimp, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for creative expression and executing communications strategies

Additional Notes

The communications director position is a 40-hour per week role that reports to the executive director and works out of our Detroit office, with regular travel throughout Southeast Michigan to cover CultureSource events and capture arts activity in action. (Per government guidelines, our team is currently working remotely.)

CultureSource values difference and inclusion, and our hiring practices embody our stance as an equal opportunity employer. Beyond saying these things, we try to represent these beliefs throughout our foundational documents, in our programmatic and operations decisions, and in the dedication of individuals in our organization to working on their own personal cultural competency. We motivate candidates to apply who think this role is a stretch given their perceived professional capacity. We also hope that people who have felt oppressed by privilege in past professional situations will also consider applying.

There are no specific educational or work experience requirements for this role, though candidates will be expected to articulate a commitment to learning and education, the arts and creativity, and setting and achieving goals.


Interested candidates should email the following to with “Communications Director – [LAST NAME]” in the subject line:

  • Resume detailing experiences, accomplishments, and personal/professional traits relevant to the CultureSource work environment and the communications director role outlined in this position profile
  • A statement of interest in the communications director position that expresses why you are interested in this role and that in its style and presentation, conveys your standards for being the lead communicator for an organization like CultureSource

The position salary and benefits package as well as the search timeline will be shared with candidates during first round interviews. Additionally, people who submit the materials above will have their candidacy kept confidential from people outside of this hiring process.