San Francisco, California
Summer 2019

San Francisco Bay Area combines natural beauty and a rich history with vibrant commerce in a city where quaint meets cosmopolitan.  This beautiful, hilly city on the bay is an extraordinary cultural blend, from bustling Fisherman’s Wharf to Chinatown to the historic Mission District. 

San Francisco is a center of finance and business activity of all kinds, and also a dynamic center of arts and entertainment, from world-class museums to theaters and concert halls. With all these advantages, the San Francisco Bay Area is an ideal venue for a challenging and rewarding internship program.

The College of Arts & Letters partners with an organization that identifies customized internship placements for each student in industries such as arts and culture, television and film, human services and event management, international organizations and legal departments, business and finance, museums and entertainment venues, digital design and newspapers, and many more.

For more information or to apply, visit the College of Social Science, Study Away Programs page.

Applicants who have a major within the College of Arts & Letters are eligible to apply for the CAL Study Away Scholarship. Visit http://excelnetwork.cal.msu.edu/scholarships/study-abroad-scholarships for more information or to apply.

Career Communities

Entrepreneurship, Business, and Innovation

Visual Arts, Arts Administration, and Performing Arts

Publishing, Editing, and Authorship

Design, Technology, and Media

International Affairs, Law, and Government

Nonprofit, Education, and Social Impact