Your Dedicated Excel Network Team

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Dan Meier, M.A.

Director of Education Abroad & Career Readiness;
Excel Network Director

Dan oversees the Excel Network and its initiatives related to career readiness and experiential learning opportunities including study abroad, study away, and internships. He has a Bachelor of Arts from MSU and a Master of Arts in International Studies from the University of Denver. Dan has over 10 years of experience in the fields of international education and higher education administration. 

Contact Dan to learn more about the Excel Network and experiential learning opportunities within the College of Arts & Letters. 

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Maggie Harris, MSW

Assistant Director of Internships & Career Education

Maggie helps College of Arts & Letters students integrate their classroom knowledge with real-life work opportunities. Some of her favorite career development activities include resume and cover letter consultations, connecting students to internship opportunities, and bringing together students and alumni with shared professional interests. Maggie has two bachelor’s degrees from MSU and a Master of Social Work degree from Washington University in St. Louis.

Contact Maggie to share your internship experience or your career path, discuss how to gain experience, review cover letters and resumes, and prepare for interviews! Email her or make an appointment on

Victoria Morris, M.A.

Career Consultant

Victoria guides students and recent graduates in exploring career paths, preparing for professional opportunities both during and after college, and connecting with professionals in fields of interest. Victoria has nearly ten years of experience in career services and supporting students as they navigate internship and job search, creating professional documents, graduate school planning, building alumni and employer connections, and more. Victoria holds a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts from MSU. 

Contact Victoria to discuss career options and preparation, how to gain experience, review documents, and to craft your pathway in a Liberal Arts education! Email her or make an appointment on

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Kayla Wikaryasz


Kayla serves as the Excel Network’s resident email writer, creating drip campaigns, working on the newsletter, and assisting with social media and graphic design. She is currently a senior majoring in Interdisciplinary Humanities, with cognates in: Professional & Public Writing, Graphic Design, and Creative Writing. After receiving her bachelor’s degree, Kayla hopes to work in either Social Media Management or Non-Profit Fundraising. Her ultimate goal is to be a published, best-selling author. 

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Lexi Lake


Lexi works as the Excel Network’s social media intern, creating graphics, flyers, and other media for the site’s Instagram and promotional material. She is currently a junior majoring in Interdisciplinary Humanities with cognates in Experience Architecture, Graphic Design, and Professional & Public Writing. 

Abbi Gabli


Abbi is the newest addition to the Excel Network team and is learning all about social media, graphic design, professional writing, and more. She is currently a freshman double majoring in English and Professional & Public Writing.