Spend a semester studying in the heart of Rome, the capital of Italy! They say a lifetime is not enough to see all that the Eternal City has to offer. Give it your best shot!

This semester program is designed to satisfy IAH and ISS requirements through a series of courses specially designed to use the city of Rome as a classroom to understand Italian history, culture and society. All the courses include site visits in Rome and beyond that bring each subject to life. Expert local professors teach in the city’s piazzas, churches, and museums, exploring many of Rome’s most interesting neighborhoods.

MSU students will enroll in Social and Cultural Activism in Italy, a course highlighting the variety of social and cultural issues relevant to contemporary Italy. The course will introduce various associations at work to address those issues and fight prejudice and criminality in different forms. Topics could include the migration phenomenon, refugees, the Roma community in Italy, the homeless population, and the influence of mafias in Italian society.

Classes will be held in the heart of Rome’s historic center in Palazzo Benicelli, originally conceived in the 17th century as headquarters of the Vatican’s Bank of the Holy Spirit. The study center sits between Piazza Navona and the Vatican, just steps away from Rome’s most famous monuments.