John Cabot University (Direct Enroll)

Location: Rome, Italy

Semester: Fall/Spring/Summer

Located in the center of Rome, Italy, John Cabot University (JCU) is an American college.  It is committed to providing an educational experience that is rooted in the American liberal arts tradition and solidly international in orientation.  Within this framework, the college strives to develop in students the skills and habits required of responsible leaders in an increasingly interdependent world while enabling them to participate in, and contribute to, the richness and diversity of other cultures.  International faculty and staff and a student population representing over thirty countries combine to create an unparalleled learning environment in which students are enabled to acquire the academic preparation needed for life-long learning and personal fulfillment.

Students will have the opportunity to take classes in a variety of arts and letters fields as well as business classes.  An important focus of the experience is on Rome itself—Rome as a center of international business as well as a focal point of ancient, Renaissance and modern history and art.  Students will experience first-hand the Eternal City’s treasures and wealth of knowledge and will participate in Italian culture.