Literary Studies in Dublin (Faculty-directed)

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Semester: Summer

Ireland, a beautiful and complex country, is a land of writing, speech, and gesture. The historical consciousness of the Irish has made their vivid art and literature particularly appropriate for study abroad. Its countryside and cities have given birth to writers such as Swift, Goldsmith, Joyce, Shaw, and Beckett; and poets such as Yeats, Kavanaugh, Heaney, and Boland. From the period of British imperial rule to the contemporary global context, Irish writers and artists have engaged the burning issues of their moment. 

The main location of the program will be Dublin but we will visit Galway, the Aran Isles, and Sligo, which has become known as Yeats Country.  We will meet three days per week for classroom lectures, discussions, and film screenings. Guest lecturers will speak on Irish history, art, music, drama, and poetry. Lecturers may guide us to historical, artistic, and architectural sites.  Providing easy access to theaters, museums, films, music, and writers, the summer literary study in Dublin program offers the definitive example of what onsite study abroad can achieve.