Serling Institute for Jewish Studies & Modern Israel at Hebrew University

Location: Jerusalem, Israel

Semester: Summer

This study abroad program is located in Jerusalem, an ancient city sacred to three major religions, and a modern capital city at the center of some of the world’s most challenging political dilemmas. Students will take two courses, “The Emergence of the Modern State of Israel” examining contemporary Israeli history, politics and society, and “Jewish Political Thought,” examining the major texts and competing outlooks that address the fundamental problems of political life from the perspective of the Jewish tradition, from biblical times to the present.

Each course combines classroom instruction with multiple field trips, where students will explore firsthand the religious and cultural heritage of Jerusalem, the dilemmas of the Arab-Israeli conflict, and the political and social intricacies of one of the world’s most complex countries. The program is intended for students who are interested in political science, history, religious studies and philosophy, in addition to Jewish Studies, and it is open to students from all disciplines and majors. The program and all scholarships are open to all students regardless of ethnicity, religion or nationality.

Substantial financial assistance is available for this program. A $3,000 Levy Scholarship for Study in Israel is available to any student who will have completed one year of study at MSU by the program start date. Visit the Levy Scholarship web page for more information or to apply for the scholarship.