Spanish for Healthcare Professions

Location: Oaxaca, Mexico

Program Type: Faculty-directed

Semester: Summer

The objective of Spanish for the Health Professions Study Abroad Program is to enhance the students’ classroom language study and provide an immersive culture experience. It is a short term study abroad program designed for intermediate Spanish students (SPN310 or above) in health-related majors. This program offers valuable insight into the health care systems in Spanish-speaking countries. It will give participants the opportunity to develop experience through clinical observation and participation in public health care projects, while improving linguistic competence in a Spanish course for health practitioners. All courses are conducted in Spanish. As a result of completing the coursework and the study abroad program, students will gain exposure to a healthcare system different to that of the United States; learn the healthcare needs of people in a foreign country; and strengthen their ability to communicate and care for patients from a different culture.