Health Services Manager

  • Application Deadline: 07/24/21
  • Company: C.A.C.S., Inc. Head Start & Early Childhood Programs
  • Location: Lansing, Michigan

Job Summary: Manages Health Services in compliance with Head Start Performance Standards and Michigan Child Care Licensing Rules. Provides training, support, consultation, and technical assistance to staff and parents related to child health, oral health, and safety. Supervises Nutrition Coordinator, Nurses, Medical Assistants, and Oral Health Specialist. Develops policies and procedures for health and safety services. Creates and monitors budget for health related supplies and services. Job Requirements:   Education and/or certification: BSN or Bachelors in Public Health.

  • Preferred knowledge/experience in early childhood.
  • Preferred knowledge/experience in public health or health consulting.
  • Preferred knowledge/experience in working with diverse low-income families.

Must undergo and satisfactorily pass at the time of hire and periodically thereafter pursuant to federal and state laws, Head Start Performance Standards, and Agency Policy and Procedures:

  • Criminal History Search
  • Child Abuse and Neglect Central Registry Clearance
  • Physical examination, Tuberculosis (TB) test, and drug screenMust possess the ability to:
  • Maintain current professional licenses and certifications 
  • Perform multiple tasks and be able to organize and prioritize tasks efficiently.
  • Demonstrate good analytic and decision making skills while working under stressful situations.
  • Properly stoop, bend, lift, and expend moderate physical exertion.

 Professional Expectations:

  1. Maintain professional ethics and confidentiality.
  2. Attend all required meetings, conferences, training, etc. Some overnight travel required.
  3. Adapt to a variety of situations.
  4. Assist with parent involvement efforts/activities and encourage family participation in the program.
  5. Participate in annual Self Assessment and Federal Peer Review process.
  6. Respect team, program, families, and community members.
  7. Work at any site with any staff.
  8. Work openly and cooperatively in a team effort approach.
  9. Accept responsibility for team performance:
  • Actively, willingly, and consistently participate in team meetings.
  • Contribute ideas and efforts toward common goals
  • Help build and maintain positive attitudes, trust and team spirit.

               Policy requirements:

  1. Follow all Head Start Program Performance Standards and all other federal regulations
  2. Follow Michigan Child Care Licensing Regulations and all other state regulations.
  3. Adhere to CACS Personnel Policies and Procedures
  4. Adhere to CACS Program Manual and Mission
  5. Follow universal precautions and other agency safety plans.
  6. Accept responsibility for generating, documenting, and submitting in-kind to meet program requirements.

Essential Functions (not exhaustive)

  1. Communication and interpersonal skills:
  2. Open to suggestions and new ideas.
  3. Develop and implement in-service workshops and training for parents and staff.
  4. Meet bi-weekly with Management Team to provide operational data, share observations and concerns and evaluate the progress of the program and component.
  5. Work closely with other preschool managers to communicate the objectives and plans of the health services component and agree on methods and procedure for integrating activities.
  6. Work closely with the appropriate Policy Council committee to provide information concerning component plans and progress, and to solicit ideas and guidance.
  7. Recruits, coordinates and implements a bi-annual Health Services Advisory Committee that brings together staff, parents and local health care providers to discuss the planning, operation, and evaluation of the health services.

 Program Services:

  1. Assist Director of Early Childhood Programs with program planning to ensure component responsibilities, goals and objectives are met as set forth in Head Start Program Performance Standards, CACS Policies and Procedures, Head Start Employee Manual, and CACS Program Plan.
  2. Develop short and long term goals and objectives for the Health Services Component based on:
  • Head Start Performance Standards
  • Consultation with supervisor and immediate staff
  • Discussions with Policy Council
  • Analysis of geographic and demographic characteristics of the four county service area
  1. Oversees and ensures that required screenings, examinations, and immunizations are obtained for each child, develops and monitors a tracking system to ensure that appointments with health care providers are being made and honored, and that required documentation of work performed is being submitted.
  2. Oversees the component to ensure adequate staffing and training of the Health Services staff. Resolve day-to-day questions and problems and, if necessary, initiates disciplinary actions in conjunction with the Director of Early Childhood Programs.
  3. Develops and implements in-service workshops and training for component staff. Coordinates with other component managers in planning and delivery of in-service education and training for staff and parents.
  4. Identifies resources and establishes cooperative relationships with appropriate local health care providers and agencies.
  5. Serves as Chair of the Wellness Committee.
  6. Reviews legislative issues, news articles, etc., to keep abreast of issues affecting low-income families.
  7. Represent CACS Preschool Programs to community through a variety of activities.
  8. Monitor and control the health services budget and submit requests for expenditure authorizations to the Director of Early Childhood Programs.
  9. Utilizes agency database to maintain documentation related to individual children’s health.
  10. Prepares a variety of documents, i.e., procedures, policies and data as required.
  11. Complete all timesheets, reports, and other data requests in a timely and accurate manner.
  12. Assist with other duties as defined and/or requested when additional work is necessary to fulfill the obligations of the program.

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