Intern to Support Human Rights, End of Human Trafficking and Slavery

  • Application Deadline: 08/31/26
  • Company: Changing The Present
  • Location: Remote
  • Use your skills, experience, knowledge, creativity and talent to improve the lives of thousands of men and women victim to slavery and human trafficking
  • Help us capture for nonprofits that assist the victims of human trafficking and slavery – or other causes you care about -some of the $450 billion Americans spend each year buying presents
  • Become a member of our dynamic and creative international team, and become a leader among those who care for the same causes as you do
  • Help us grow a movement to facilitate and encourage a new type of meaningful giving through direct engagement of nonprofits, foundations, associations, thought leaders, media, and celebrities
  • Work from our Manhattan office or remotely
  • Enhance your resume and get a glowing letter of recommendation

Use and enhance your professional skills in any of these fields: strategy, partnerships, finance, communications, social media, graphics, research, community management, fundraising, sponsorships, Public Relations (PR), Human Resources (HR), marketing, event management, organizing, and activism.
Focus on Human Trafficking and Slavery or Your Other Favorite Cause At ChangingThePresent you can focus on human trafficking and slavery or any other favorite cause.
We Channel New Funds to Nonprofits Americans spend $450 billion a year on birthday, holiday, and other presents, most of which make no difference in the lives of those who receive them. Tons of sweaters, furry slippers, and ties end up in the dark corners of our closets. Meanwhile, thousands of non-profit organizations desperately need more funding to help the end of human trafficking and slaveryand make a difference in their lives.
Some people, who seek meaning more than things, are starting to make donations in a friend’s name in lieu of giving traditional presents. However, most nonprofits cannot provide the rewarding gift-like experience-wish lists, gift registries, and personalized printed greeting cards-required to make that feel like a rewarding gift. provides those tools to facilitate this type of giving for nonprofits and donors. Imagine the impact we can make together as more and more people adopt this as a norm.

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