Summer Intern (Policy, Media, Writing, Journalism, Research)

  • Application Deadline: 3/28/21
  • Company: Midstory
  • Location: Toldeo, Ohio

Role Description

In times of crisis, people turn to those they trust for information, interpretation & inspiration. Responsible research and storytelling are more important than ever, especially in underserved and underheard communities. How are people reinventing home and their midstory in this time of flux, particularly in the spaces of struggling middle American cities?

Midstory’s 2021 remote internship program is for the next generation of thinkers who believe in shaping the post-industrial story through a multidisciplinary framework and are eager to initiate change on the ground. Interns work closely with our team to craft and share hidden stories through research, solutions-oriented projects and multimedia production—with such topics as demography, the environment, culture, arts, education and more—to be broadcasted through our national multimedia platforms for exhibition & outreach.

This year’s program will, like our 2020 internship, be at least partially if not fully remote (and all interns will have the option to be fully remote). That being said, our students receive a full training, curriculum and “on-the-ground” experience through team meetings, social hours, digital workspace platforms, virtual interviewing and research, and more.

This internship is for you if you:

Are a storyteller. Are a strong writer or researcher. Are passionate about civic engagement. Want to make a difference in underserved and often-ignored communities. Are a creative thinker and idea generator. Can articulate ideas clearly and concisely. Are a creative problem-solver. Work well in an interdisciplinary team. Believe in creating powerful research and content that is true and authentic. Aspire to be a social architect, policy-maker, cultural influencer, designer, filmmaker or writer.

Midstory is looking for interns in:

  • Policy/Civic Engagement 
  • Writing/Journalism
  • Design
  • Video/Audio
  • Arts & Culture
  • Science Communication


  • Research & team brainstorming
  • Transcribe interviews
  • Storyboard, write & produce content


  • Strong writing & research skills
  • Ability to take direction and work in a dynamic environment
  • A self-motivated, team-oriented attitude


  • Experience creating video and/or audio content
  • Adobe Creative Suite fluency
  • Experience interviewing