Skyla Mangum

Full name: Skyla Mangum

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

Major and Class Standing: Apparel and Textile Design, Senior

Social Media Handle: Instagram: @skyla_mangum

Internship Company/Organization Name: Kosibah Couture Bridal

Location of Internship: Remote

Program Type: Global Remote Internship Program 

My internship was for Kosibah Couture Bridal. My responsibilities consisted of creation for all platforms: social media, and website and doing research assistance with updating all our press and media coverage and data for new collection. Also having to check in with clients and bridal shops to check with order updates.  

My daily routine would include going to school from 11am to 4pm. Then I would check my work email for any updated on assignment or projects I need to complete. I would then complete any work I need to have done for that day or work on data collection as needed.

woman in black top with braids smiling in front of Kosibah logo
Skyla Mangum

I obtained my internship through the CAPA process. I got an email from my advisor talking about the Global Remote Internship Program and I knew that I would soon have to get an internship and with the pandemic going on. I did not know how long virtual learning would last, so decided to take the opportunity. 

My favorite part of the internship was watching the growth of the new collection that Yemi, the designer of the company, was launching. It was amazing to see the precise and detailed work that is needed for a bridal collection. My least favorite part was the amount of emails that I got on a daily. I was working with so many people between supervisors, clients and bridal salons, it was a lot to keep up with. However, I learned that the fashion industry is so fast pace and you have to be willing to keep up. My plan for the future is to work on my own luxury fashion brand. 

Through this internship, something I learned is that nobody is going to just give you work, sometimes you have to make your own work or decide to ask for it. There is so much going on, you just have to find your place and own it. 

I would advise everybody to look through your emails from professors and advisors. Usually the internship or the job you’ve been looking for is there, but if you never look through your emails, you’ll miss it! Contact your professors and advisors when you have questions, they have many of the answers you are looking for.