Aarhus University

Location: Aarhus, Denmark

Semester: Fall/Spring

 The Aarhus University exchange program was established through the Department of English, but is open to students of all majors.  Students will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in Danish culture while also being able to take courses in English.  Aarhus University is highly reputable institution that holds the highest ranking English program in Denmark.  The University of Aarhus, founded in 1928, is the largest institution of higher education in the city.  It is the second largest university in Denmark with roughly 18,000 students.  It is a comprehensive state university of high distinction.  It has a strong interest in transatlantic and cross-cultural approaches to English and American literature and culture.  The Queen and Crown Prince both studied at the University of Aarhus.

The city of Aarhus has a history that dates back thousands of years to when it was a Viking settlement at the mouth of a river.  Today, Aarhus is one of the largest cities in Denmark and has a population of approximately 265,000.  It offers both the attractions of an urban environment and beautiful natural surroundings.  The city is metropolitan, yet small enough that American students may gain the full experience of a modern Danish city.  It has several active theatres, museums, galleries, gardens, and shopping areas.  It is a safe, secure, manageable city with an excellent transportation system.  Most of the buildings are half-timbered 17th and 18 th century houses, but there’s also a watermill, a windmill and a few buildings from the turn of the century.