Italian Language, Literature & Culture

Location: Ferrara, Italy

Semester: Summer

This program brings together the study of the Italian language and the culture and civilization of Italy in the present and the past.

Students who participate in this program will study Italian language, live with a host family and experience life as an Italian. Students will study beginning, intermediate or advanced level Italian depending on their previous Italian study; in addition to language study, students will take an upper level IAH course focusing on Italian culture and food.

Because of the central location of both our local academic partner, Smiling International School, and our host families, students will experience the “piazza life” in the heart of the city of Ferrara. They will meet with locals, have the opportunity to practice their knowledge of the Italian language and create life-long connections.

Through program activities, students will be in close contact with Italian students inside an authentic environment where they will have the opportunity to interact, collaborate and cross cultures. This exposure will inspire an open communication about language, culture, history, literature and also explore the difference between the American/Italian culinary worlds.