Yonsei University

Location: Seoul, South Korea

Semester: Fall/Spring

An agreement was established in 1991 between Michigan State University and Yonsei University to facilitate the exchange of students between these two institutions. This exchange was established to encourage students who would normally not study in either location, to do so on a non-degree-seeking basis. The purpose of this exchange, in MSU’s viewpoint, is to acquaint non-Koreans with the language and culture of Korea. (Similarly, exchange students who attend MSU from Yonsei University should be non-Americans.)

This program takes place in Seoul – the center of politics, culture, and economy in South Korea. Ministries, government offices, embassies, theaters, department stores, as well as other high office buildings are all a short trip from the University. The city is also the center of industry, with headquarters of major corporations including Hyundai and Samsung. For Korean culture and history, Seoul not only offers museums, palaces, walls, gates, but also documents, libraries, and living memories. Many culture sites that can be seen include Gyeongbok Palace, Deoksu Palace, Changgyeong Palace, the National Museum, the Folklore Museum, and Buddhist temples just outside the old city walls.