Internships in Tokyo

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Program Type: Internship

Semester: Summer

Internship opportunity for majors or minors in the College of Arts & Letters, James Madison College, CommArtsSci, or College of Social Science.

Tokyo is a city that is constantly on the move. A perfect blend of ultra-modern skyscrapers and cutting-edge technology mixed with temples that are centuries old. The greater Tokyo metropolitan area is the largest in the world, with the world’s largest metropolitan economy. Tokyo holds the seat of the Japanese government as well as the Emperor of Japan. 51 of the Fortune 500 companies are based in Tokyo, holding the most of any city worldwide.

Why intern in Tokyo?

  • Tokyo is the largest metropolitan city in the world, with a total of more than 38 million residents.
  • Cost of living – about 40% less than New York, with rent prices being over 60% cheaper.
  • Tokyo is home to some of the most unique areas in all of Asia. Strut your stuff in stylish Harajuku, an area known for its stylish fashion boutiques, or pick up some rare anime and collectibles in Akihabara Electric Town.
  • Tokyo is, by most measures, the richest city in the world with a GDP of $1.5 billion; that’s over $300 million higher than the next richest city, New York.
  • The city is home to 51 of the Fortune Global 500 companies – the highest in the world. Top industries in the city include finance, electronics, construction, engineering, animation studios and more.

Internship Placement

MSU’s partner, CRCC Asia, will seek out internship opportunities that match the interests and backgrounds of students for a summer internship in Tokyo, Japan. Internship placement is guranteed on the program, and students will work with CRCC Asia on placement after identifying three professional fields of interest as part of the application. Internship placements are in English, and Japanese language proficiency is not required.

Tokyo is known for the flashy electronics and machinery that make up most of its industry but there is even more the city has to share. Tokyo has a large manufacturing and service industry that span a breadth of opportunities for interns to take part in. Just as Tokyo offers a little bit of everything, all of the Career Fields have the chance to learn from one of the most competitive and expansive markets in the world.

Key internship sectors include:

  • Business & Finance
  • Green Technology, Sustainability & Environmental
  • Entrepreneurship & Startups
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Creative Industries, Design, & Fashion
  • Media, Communications, Public Relations, & Publishing
  • Health, Wellness, & Sports Management
  • Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
  • Hospitality, Tourism, & Events
  • International Development, NGOs, Charities
  • Legal
  • Logistics & Supply Chain
  • Technology / IT
  • Recruitment & HR
  • Urban Planning & Architecture