Research and Project Intern

  • Application Deadline: 6/24/22
  • Company: MSU WorkLife Office
  • Location: East Lansing, Michigan

Role Description

Research & Projects Intern at MSU WorkLife Office

Location: Hybrid options (remote and in-person)

Provides experienced clerical support to the MSU WorkLife Office. Organizes and completes project assignments, organizing events, researching best practices in the work-life arena, compiling data, creating and maintaining records, preparing reports and other duties assigned by supervisor. The research and project intern will help with assignments, events, and best practices in the areas of workplace, career, community connections, family, and newcomers. 

Intern Duties and Responsibilities

  • Researches and collects data in order to assist in the preparation of grants, proposals, and departmental reports 
  • Analyzes WorkLife Office activities based on areas of the office’s mission 
  • Archives past events from the website into the office’s SharePoint 
  • Write blog articles and pieces the office’s monthly newsletter, as requested  
  • Reports on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and work-life topics and makes recommendations for improvements or other considerations 
  • Supports special events such as affinity groups, Women’s Networking Association meetings, multiple parenting series, and others  
  • Drafts and types memos, emails, and proposals on work-life topics, reviewing and editing as necessary 
  • Completes project work independently in order to facilitate the functioning of the office 
  • Assists with programming through clerical or customer facing tasks 
  • Assists with tallying information and data about work being performed, satisfaction surveys for events, returning employees, and others 
  • Completes summaries of information collected on work-life best practices 
  • Organizes and updates referral lists on topics such as family support, community connections, workplace support, and others 
  • Completes other duties as assigned by supervisors 


  • Must be a student of MSU 
  • Weekly availability for team meetings 
  • Knowledge of Microsoft 365 apps 
  • Knowledge of social media applications and Zoom 

What will you gain?

  • MSU credit hours if applicable and/or professional experience  
  • Resume and cover letter training and review 
  • Interviewing practice 
  • DEI training and discussion 
  • Opportunity to present to the public or MSU community and to create a PowerPoint presentation on a main project, providing public speaking experience 
  • Opportunity to explore academic interests with internship practice and real-world applications