Ceramic Arts in Greece

Location: Greece

Program Type: Faculty/Teacher Led

Semester: Summer

This program takes its place at the intersection of the practice of ceramics as contemporary art and the traditional study of ceramic artifacts as evidence for the lives of individuals in antiquity.

As one of the most varied and plentiful forms of archaeological evidence, ceramic vessels, and other objects have been systematically studied for the scenes that have decorated their surfaces, for the changes in form and fabric as indicators of stylistic difference over time, and for the indications they give for storage and transportation of goods throughout the ancient world.

The communities of ceramic artists and archaeologists have traditionally remained separate and apart. This study program seeks to bring those two groups into closer contact so that archaeologists may learn from the observation of contemporary practice and artists may take inspiration from observation of the forms, fabrics, and techniques of the past.

  • Time will be divided between hands-on study of ceramics in Greece and the production of ceramic work in Michigan.
  • While in Greece, program members will have the opportunity to sharpen their own skills and develop their own personal styles by creating ceramic works at the facilities of a nearby art school.
  • There will be opportunities for students to meet and interact with contemporary Greek ceramic artists.
  • For the second half of the program, participants will return to Michigan, where they will apply the skills they have developed and experiences they have had in the production of ceramic works at the Kresge Art Center.
  • The program will conclude with a presentation of work, both in a public critique and if possible, in one of the MSU AAHD galleries on campus