Ryan Chaben

Hometown: Rochester, Michigan

Major and class standing: Professional and Public Writing, Senior

Where you interned: Zahra Media Group, Dublin, Ireland

What was your internship title and role/responsibilities?
At Zahra Media Group, I worked as an editorial intern for their content branch, easyFood. Throughout my internship, I wrote articles for the easyFood website, edited interviews, and wrote pieces for their magazine publication.

How did you obtain your internship? What resources did you utilize to secure your internship?
I discovered the Global Remote Internship Program through an Excel Network email, which was looking for applicants. Once I filled out the application, I had a meeting with my academic advisor to make sure that the internship would fit with my schedule and provide the credits that I needed. After being accepted into the program, I was connected with two internship opportunities and chose to work with Zahra Media Group.

What did your daily routine include?
My daily routine included writing 1-3 articles a day, mostly for the website. Sometimes, I would write for the magazine, but that occurred less often. I also formatted the articles and sent them to my supervisor for edits before they went on the website.

Your favorite experience from the internship?
My favorite experience from the internship was seeing my writing published in the easyFood magazine. My supervisor mailed me the package, as the magazine isn’t sold in the United States, and I was able to see my work on the page instead of in a Word document.

What was your least favorite part of the internship?
My least favorite part of the internship was feeling the disconnect due to distance. Although there were great moments between myself and my supervisor, I wished that I could have worked with them in person.

What skills did you learn and/or build upon during your internship?
I learned greater time management skills, how to problem-solve, and what it feels like to work with a cohesive and coordinated team.

What did you learn about the industry or your career path as a result of the internship? What are your future plans?
I learned that I still want to pursue a career in publishing, working in editorial. I much prefer editing to writing, so I plan to practice my editing skills more frequently after my internship.

What advice do you have for other students seeking out internship opportunities?
I would say if you don’t choose the Global Remote Internship Program, head to Handshake and fill out as many internship applications that interest you! You really have to put yourself out there to get going