Gender Roles and Leadership in College

Location: Florence, Italy; Orvieto, Italy; Rome, Italy

Program Type: Faculty/Teacher Led

Semester: Spring Break

This program was co-designed by fraternity leaders for fraternity members interested exploring leadership, leadership styles, and leadership practices in the context of fraternal organizations. Through the study of these organizations, students will also explore contemporary issues facing college-aged men, as well as the concepts of masculinity and gender roles in a comparative, intercultural context. The education abroad program and associated course provide a venue for discussion across various chapters and councils about issues such as the image of fraternity men on the MSU campus, leading in a fraternity context, and handling topical issues such as relationships, sexism and homophobia, sexual assault, hazing, drinking, and depression.

The education abroad component will happen from the Friday before spring break through Sunday before classes resume. During the international part of the program, students will visit sites related to masculine leadership from Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance time periods. The exact route varies from year-to-year.

Before and after break, participants will complete an abbreviated integrative studies class. Membership in a fraternal organization or similar organization is strongly desirable for participation. To promote the program’s goals of getting fraternal chapters to interact across organizations, the program will seek to limit participation to two to three participants per chapter.

Physical Requirements: The program involves walking several miles each day in urban areas–sometimes over uneven pavement.