Chinese Language & Culture in Harbin (Faculty-directed)

Harbin, China | Summer

Students partake in intensive training in the Chinese language, while getting maximum exposure to Chinese culture and its people through a Chinese buddy program, culture workshops, homestay experiences, experiential learning, organized events, and field trips.

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Internships in Madrid

Madrid, Spain | Summer

This program is designed to engage students in a variety of experiential opportunities that reflect their career interests and provide an academic component to reflect upon their professional development as well as broaden student understanding of contemporary Spanish culture. 

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Universidad San Francisco de Quito (Exchange)

Quito, Ecuador | Spring

This multidisciplinary program, organized in collaboration with La Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ), is open to all majors and provides a wide variety of classes that explore the extraordinary diversity of Ecuador’s natural resources, language, culture, and society.

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University of Innsbruck (Exchange)

Innsbruck, Austria | Spring

This program gives students the opportunity to study abroad at one of Europe's oldest universities. The University of Innsbruck is a major European institution of higher learning and research. Semester and academic year options allow participants full integration into University of Innsbruck collegiate life.

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Queensland University of Technology (Exchange)

Brisbane, Australia | Spring

Participants in this program will be introduced to Australian society and its education system. They will explore the culture, natural science, history, social dimensions, and business practices of Australia while studying at Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

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Gender, Sex, and Feminism in the UK (Faculty-directed)

London, UK | Summer

Students will experience London as a global site of power and knowledge. Together, we will examine London as a place of great diversity, but also as a place of great inequality. Learning activities will combine traditional lectures and tutorials with on-site learning.

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Academic Year in Freiburg at Albert-Ludwigs University

Freiburg, Germany | Fall/Spring

The program offers you the opportunity to improve your command of the German language by taking a blend of specially designed program courses in language, culture, and literature, along with German classes and courses in related fields offered at the Albert-Ludwigs Universität.

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Internships in Argentina
Buenos Aires Cityscape, Capital City of Argentina

Internships in Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina | Summer

Buenos Aires is the largest city and capital of Argentina. It is a mix of European and Latin American sights, sounds and flavors and is often referred to as the Pais of the Americas. Buenos Aires is a hub of education, business and finance in South America.

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