Aarhus University (Exchange)

Aarhus, Denmark | Fall/Spring

The Aarhus University exchange program was established through the Department of English, but is open to students of all majors. Students will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in Danish culture while also being able to take courses in English.

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Universite de Tours (Exchange)

Tours, France | Fall/Spring

MSU undergraduate students with an advanced level of French will have the opportunity to spend one or two semesters at the Université François Rabelais in Tours, France.

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American University of Rome (Direct Enroll)

Rome, Italy | Fall/Spring

The American University of Rome offers the benefits of an American–style education taught by multinational faculty in an international setting to a student body representing every continent in the world.

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Music, Art, and Culture in Bregenz (Faculty-directed)

Bregenz, Austria | Summer

Music, Art, and Culture in Bregenz takes place in Austria and Germany during summer session II (July). The program offers students the chance to experience some of the most impressive musical events in Europe and tour some of the world's finest art museums while learning how to appreciate music and art.

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Yonsei University (Exchange)

Seoul, South Korea | Fall/Spring

An agreement was established in 1991 between Michigan State University and Yonsei University to facilitate the exchange of students between these two institutions. The purpose of this exchange, in MSU’s viewpoint, is to acquaint non-Koreans with the language and culture of Korea.

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Lund University (Exchange)

Lund, Sweden | Fall/Spring

Along with the academic component of the program, students will also have the opportunity to deeply immerse themselves in the Swedish customs and culture, enhancing their overall study abroad experience.

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Technology, Humanities & the Arts in London & Scotland (Faculty-directed)

London & Edinburgh, UK | Summer

Around the world, technology is spurring tremendous innovations in the creative arts and revolutionizing how we understand history and culture. We will get an up close look at this pivotal moment in the arts and humanities by living in London, one of the creative capitals of the world.

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Literary Studies in Dublin (Faculty-directed)

Dublin, Ireland | Summer

Ireland, a beautiful and complex country, is a land of writing, speech, and gesture. The historical consciousness of the Irish has made their vivid art and literature particularly appropriate for study abroad.

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John Cabot University (Direct Enroll)

Rome, Italy | Fall/Spring/Summer

Located in the center of Rome, Italy, John Cabot University (JCU) is an American college. It is committed to providing an educational experience that is rooted in the American liberal arts tradition and solidly international in orientation.

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