Japanese Language and Culture

Hikone, Japan | Fall/Spring/Summer

MSU partners with Japan Center for Michigan University (JCMU) to offer intensive Japanese language programs during the semester and summer. Students study 10 credits of college-level Japanese per term. Courses are offered at levels 1 (beginner) through 4 (advanced). No prior Japanese language study necessary to apply.

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Intensive French in Tours

Tours, France | Summer

The Department of Romance and Classical Studies offers students a French study program in Tours that will give students a unique opportunity to increase their knowledge and understanding of French language and culture. Tours is located in the beautiful Loire Valley, often called the garden of France - a region of great cultural importance, famous for its historic and architectural heritage and majestic châteaux (among them Chambord, Chenonceau and Villandry).

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XA Dublin Semester Program

Dublin, Ireland | Fall/Spring

With a growing industry in technology, Ireland is home to many tech companies including Google’s European headquarters in Dublin. You'll take courses that count toward your Experience Architecture (XA) major along with electives in areas such as human computer interaction, software testing, operating systems, and more.

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Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Jerusalem, Israel | Fall/Spring

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HebrewU) is Israel’s first university and a symbol of the cultural rebirth of the Jewish nation in its ancestral homeland. HebrewU is the highest-ranked university in Israel, one of the world’s top 100, and one of the top 25 schools outside of the United States. Students will work with internationally accomplished faculty and have access to an impressive range of resources and facilities.

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Paris College of Art

Paris, France | Spring

PCA is an international college with a student body representing more than 40 countries. Offering six distinct undergraduate degree programs, PCA curriculum spans all areas of art and design and embraces Paris as a classroom, with studio and academic work extending beyond the walls of campus into the city’s streets and squares, museums and galleries.

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International Chinese Language Program at National Taiwan University

Taipei, Taiwan | Fall/Spring/Summer

The Taiwan Huayu Bilingual Exchanges of Selected Talent (BEST) Program aims to create excellent Chinese learning opportunities for students. The goal of this program is to help MSU students improve their Chinese proficiency through immersive Chinese-learning programs, and expand the accessibility of Chinese learning.

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University of Sydney Summer Program

Sydney, Australia | Summer

Home to 177 acres (72 hectares) of beautiful scenery, the campus offers state of the art teaching facilities and boasts 6 libraries, historical museums, and 6 schools and faculties. The main campus is located a mere 30 minute walk from the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge and a short bus ride from the world-famous Bondi and Manly Beaches. The city of Sydney itself is multi-culturally diverse. Here, you will find a wide variety of ethnic grocers, restaurants and events.

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University of Sydney

Sydney, Australia | Fall/Spring

Founded in 1850, the University of Sydney (USyd) is a well-established Australian higher learning institution. The university is ranked in the top 50 universities worldwide according to the 2020 QS world rankings and is home to approximately 73,000 students, 20,000 of which are international. Viewed as Australia’s most innovative university, USyd aims to instill the skills, knowledge and values you need to become a leader in a rapidly changing world.

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Sustainability & Civic Engagement in Costa Rica

Monteverde, Costa Rica | Fall/Spring/Summer

Focused on the latest innovations in sustainability and community-participatory research, students will study Spanish, train in the community-engaged research practices, and collaborate with rural or indigenous communities – from the cloud forests of Monteverde to the coastal mountains of Talamanca in the Caribbean coast.

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