CAL students like you gain valuable work experience through internships, and the Excel Network would like to highlight your experience!

Complete This Form to Submit Your Intern Story:


IMPORTANT: Attach a high-resolution photo of you at your internship site in a location with the employer logo. See the alumni photo examples below. If you completed an internship virtually and are unable to snap a picture in front of a company logo, consider taking a picture with your company’s logo as your Zoom background.

Our recommended Zoom background dimensions are:

  • Minimum dimension: 960px
    • Maximum dimension: 1920px
    • Recommended dimensions: 1920px x 1080px (16:9 aspect ratio)

To make Zoom background:

  • Find a picture/logo with transparent background 
    • To find transparent logo:
      • Google image search
        • Click “Tools” option under search bar
        • Click “Color” dropdown box under search bar
        • Click “Transparent” option in dropdown box
  • Paste image off-center onto a white slideshow presentation
    • Make sure image will not interfere with your face
  • Download the slide as .jpg or .png 
  • Upload the file as a virtual background image on Zoom
  • Take a screenshot 
  • Attach screenshot directly to email submission

To find large sized photos:

  • Go to Google images
  • Click on ‘tools’
  • Go to ‘size’ and select ‘large’ 
    • Or when typing in search bar include photo dimensions
    • Such as ‘Michigan State University 1920×1080′

To change your background on Zoom to a digital background:

  • Click on the arrow to the right of the camera icon
  • Click on “Choose Virtual Background…”
  • To add your own background, click on the ‘+’ and ‘add image’ 
  • Don’t forget to screenshot an image of you with your virtual background!