Microinternships & Project-Based Work

Arts & Letters Projects is a micro-internship program funded by the College of Arts & Letters’ Excel Network that offers paid, short-term internships to College of Arts & Letters students. These projects are a great way to build professional experience on your resume and portfolio and take less than 45 hours to complete. Projects will run from June 1 – July 1 and are the perfect summer gig. 
The deadline to apply is May 11, 2023.

Microinternships (or project-based internships) are short-term projects that allows students to exercise their professional skills. Most projects range from 5-40 hours and can be complete remotely.

ParkerDewey hosts a national network of paid microinternships where students can explore different career paths, work on interesting assignments, and demonstrate their abilities to potential employers while building their professional portfolio and network.

Want to gain experience but can’t commit to a full internship this summer? Looking for another way to get paid?
Consider a microinternship!