College is a busy time. Meeting your requirements for graduation, keeping your GPA up, and making time for fun is a delicate balancing act. Here is a sample breakdown of what you can do each semester to gradually get ready for life after MSU. 

Your Foundation, Your Future

Graduation is closer than you think: prepare yourself for what comes next.

A Bachelor of Arts from the College of Arts & Letters equips graduates with a solid foundation to pursue careers in business, government, education and nonprofit sectors, as well as a variety of graduate-level programs. Future career options may be determined not so much by the choice of a student’s college major, but by the interests, skills, values, and experiences acquired during college. Regardless of your career aspirations, it is important to participate in internships and related work experience, get good grades, take advanced coursework, and be involved in campus activities. Many entry-level positions do not require a specific degree, but rather a wide range of demonstrated skills, accomplishments, and related experience. Below we have provided a range of opportunities to help you develop a path to EXPLORE your options, to get the skills that PREPARE you for a life beyond college and CONNECT you to future career possibilities.

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