What are Career Communities?

Liberal arts majors have a variety of career options but may need help navigating through their interests and how their degrees apply to the workforce. The Excel Network created Career Communities to assist students with exploring career paths and connecting to opportunities to prepare them for the future.

Informed by industries and fields where College of Arts & Letters graduates work, each Career Community offers highlighted events, internship and career options, alumni spotlights, and experiential learning opportunities.

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Design | Technology | Media

Visual Arts | Arts Administration | Performance

Publishing | Editing | Authorship

Entrepreneurship | Business | Innovation

International Affairs | Law | Government

Non-profit | Education | Social Impact

Career Communities

Entrepreneurship, Business, and Innovation

Visual Arts, Arts Administration, and Performing Arts

Publishing, Editing, and Authorship

Design, Technology, and Media

International Affairs, Law, and Government

Nonprofit, Education, and Social Impact