Why Study Abroad?

Grounded in the belief that today's students need more global exposure and experience than ever before to compete in the 21st century, the College of Arts & Letters works with the Office for Education Abroad to find high quality learning opportunities abroad. 

Through study abroad students gain cultural awareness and the ability to communicate across cultures. They learn adaptability and self-reliance. Students develop skills in problem solving and with foreign languages; gain geographical and historical knowledge; and are exposed to people who process information differently than they do.

Students can make professional contacts, gain a sense of direction for their future career, and gain a sense of responsibility in working on a project. Students also gain an appreciation about what we have in the U.S. and gain a better understanding of their own culture. They often develop confidence, a strengthened sense of personal identity, flexibility, and creativity. Students may increase their interest in other cultures, become less ethnocentric as they become aware of cultural difference, develop language skills within a cultural context, and become more culturally sensitive and accepting.

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Study Abroad Application process

Program Types

Faculty-directed Programs

These programs have an accompanying MSU faculty leader who coordinates all academic and administrative arrangements on site. On faculty-led programs, your academic performance is graded by the accompanying MSU faculty leader. We strongly suggest that you contact the faculty member in charge of the program and your academic adviser to ensure that the classes you intend to take abroad meet your graduation requirements.

Partner Programs

Students participating on a partner program enroll in courses with an international institution, transferring credit back to MSU.  Partner Programs include:

  • Exchange: MSU students enroll as a visiting student at an international university and a student from the host institution comes to East Lansing. MSU students pay MSU tuition and fees.
  • Direct Enrollment: MSU students enroll as a visiting student at an international university and pay tuition and fees directly to the host institution.

International Internships

International internships are a unique experience providing the opportunity to combine personal growth with cross-cultural skills and professional development. All MSU-sponsored international internships offer credit and are unpaid. Many are English-speaking positions, while some are offered in the local language. 

Service Learning

Service-learning opportunities usually include partnering with local community organizations and address a variety of social, economic, environmental or health challenges facing the community.

Undergraduate Research

Research abroad can be done in conjunction with faculty or conducted independently, and can encompass a wide variety of fields.

To search all study abroad programs or apply, visit the MSU Office for Education Abroad website

Career Communities

Entrepreneurship, Business, and Innovation

Visual Arts, Arts Administration, and Performing Arts

Publishing, Editing, and Authorship

Design, Technology, and Media

International Affairs, Law, and Government

Nonprofit, Education, and Social Impact