Internships in Buenos Aires

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Program Type: Internship

Semester: Summer

Buenos Aires is the largest city and capital of Argentina. The city is a mix of European and Latin American sights, sounds and flavors and is often referred to as the Paris of the Americas. Buenos Aires is a hub of education, business, and finance in South America. Historical monuments and architecture inspired by Spanish colonialism are the backdrop of vibrant Argentine culture. This program provides a great opportunity for students to enhance their Spanish language and develop valuable professional skills while undertaking a full time internship in this inspiring city. 

MSU partners with a local placement agency to secure an internship in each student’s area of interest. Internships are unpaid and may include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

  •  Arts & Culture
  •  Nonprofits/Non-governmental organizations
  •  Education            
  •  Design & Media
  •  Publishing
  •  Film & Photography
  •  Law
  •  Communications & Public Relations
  •  Health & Public Services
  •  Tourism & Hospitality
  •  Marketing & Advertising
  •  Business & Finance