Anna Webber

Hometown: Brighton, Michigan

Major and class standing: ATD, Senior

Instagram: @annnakwebbber

Where you interned: V.Mora Fashion Consulting in Manhattan, New York

What was your internship title and role/responsibilities?
I was an intern at V.Mora, which is a fashion consulting brand. V.Mora helps new and established designers with their fashion lines. Some things I did on a daily included making social media content for their Instagram and Facebook, creating mood boards for clients, running errands to pick up patterns, samples, fabric, etc, sitting in on meetings with clients and taking notes while also learning about their brand, and helping clients with aesthetic choices such as helping to choose photos they should use for their website or social media.

How did you obtain your internship? What resources did you utilize to secure your internship?
I got my internship through MSU and Global Experiences. I used my portfolio and resume to apply along with phone interviews. I definitely recommend getting as much experience on your resume as possible.

What did your daily routine include?
Making tech packs/ flats for clients’ products. Making mood boards for clients’ upcoming lines. Run errands to pick up patterns, samples, fabric, and more. Taking notes in meetings with clients. Creating social media content such as Instagram posts, stories, and reels. Help clients with aesthetic choices such as helping to choose photos they should use for their website or social media.

Your favorite experience from the internship (2-3 sentences)
Some of my favorite parts of my internship were getting to help clients with their creative choices such as mood boards, social media, and aesthetics, as well as getting to help work at some cool events like a fabric sourcing trade show where I got to network and meet some cool people. Along with a garment district tour where we toured many different factories, pattern makers, and fabric stores.

What was your least favorite part of the internship?
My least favorite part was days when I did have to do some busy work such as inputting things into excel or days when I did not get to do much creative work. But honestly, there isn’t much to complain about I loved my internship!

What skills did you learn and/or build upon during your internship?
I gained more communication skills. I gained skills with different technologies such as Excel, Adobe, and Canva. I learned a lot about entrepreneurship and how to start your own fashion line. I learned how to adapt to new environments quickly. I learned how to navigate a big city on my own.

What did you learn about the industry or your career path as a result of the internship? What are your future plans?
I learned a lot about the business side of fashion. Being an ATD student I do not always have the opportunity to learn the needed skills for starting my own line or in general understanding the less creative side of fashion. I learned so many new things and I actually decided to launch my own brand this upcoming fall! My future plans are to graduate in 2023 and hopefully move back to New York. Living there for 2 months gave me a great feel of the city and helped me know that that is where I see myself in the future. I would love to work at a magazine for creative direction or styling.

What advice do you have for other students seeking out internship opportunities?
My advice is always to try your best and put yourself out there. Even if you apply to places that may not fit perfectly with what you want to do, know that you can still gain such amazing experiences you may not have had access to otherwise! Also do not be scared of trying new things! Before moving to New York, I had never been there in my life. So moving to a brand new city for 2 months was for me a bit scary. But I fell in love with it and have grown more in those 2 months than I have over even some of my years at college.