There are many resources available to help you find an internship:


Over 50,000 postings annually; if you’re looking for something in town, or someone who loves hiring Spartans – Handshake is the place to look. Tip: Use the advanced search to whittle down opportunities to focus on what you’re looking for.


Earn academic credit while gaining professional experience through summer internships in New York City and Washington, D.C.


Earn academic credit while gaining professional and global experience through internships in 10+ locations around the world. 


This program enables students to secure a virtual internship with an international company or organization. As part of this experience, students will gain valuable work experience and remote professional networking – while learning how to communicate and operate in an international context.



Up to two-thirds of all jobs are unposted. Let friends, family, supervisors, professors, mentors know what you’re looking for… Ask who they know and if they can introduce you. Begin volunteering as a way to get a foot in the door and ask about the possibilities for internships. For additional help with unposted internship opportunities, make an appointment with the Excel Network.


This Excel Network video gives an in-depth look at what searching for an internship entails. In addition, the video will give instruction on how to search for a beneficial experience by focusing on tips and tricks to help you gain the right experience for building your background and resume.

Are you seeking credit for your internship?  Some departments in the College of Arts & Letters offer specific internship credit for their majors.  AL 493A Arts & Letters Internship course is also open to students who are completing an internship and receive approval from the College of Arts & Letters to enroll in the course.  Students must submit an application to verify their internship duties, supervisor, number of requested credits, etc.  For more information, contact Maggie Harris ( 


Do you need $$ to fund your internship? If you have a major in the College of Arts & Letters and are participating a credit-bearing internship, you are eligible to apply for the CAL Experiential Learning scholarship


Apply for the MSUFCU Internship Opportunity Award, which can potentially help fund unpaid internship expenses.