Egypt’s Role in Middle Eastern & Global Contexts

Location: Cairo, Egypt

Program Type: Faculty/Teacher Led

Semester: Spring Post-Term

Explore the cultural, social, intellectual, and political role of Egypt while being introduced to the Egyptian dialect of the Arabic language.

Adopting an interdisciplinary approach to Middle Eastern humanities and global studies, this study abroad program provides students with opportunities to develop as global citizens with a sophisticated and systemic understanding of the key contemporary issues in the Middle East. With an approach that interconnects Middle East studies, contemporary Islam, and identity formation, the outcomes of the program enhance integrated and critical reasoning, cross-cultural understanding and communication, and linguistic and cultural training.

Located in Cairo, a metropolis that is viewed as the leading Capital in the Middle East, this program explores the ebb and flow of the cultural, social, intellectual, and political role of Egypt in its regional and global contexts. Egypt has been considered as a primary maker in the formulation of the Arabs’ cultural and political thought and identity. With a geographic location that strides two big continents with two seas and a river, Egypt has been destined to have extensive contact with the outside world.

This program will be of interest to students studying history, Islamic studies, anthropology, political science, international relations, sociology, languages and global studies. With its focus on Egypt and Cairene dialect, students can obtain credits for Integrative Studies in Arts and Humanities (IAH).

The program is open to MSU and non-MSU students at all academic levels.