Internships in Osaka

Location: Osaka, Japan

Program Type: Internship

Semester: Summer

Internship placements are in English. Japanese language proficiency is not required. Concerning language knowledge, Japan is very well equipped with English language amenities such as TV, menus, and transit, although there may be communication limitations when traveling or experiencing the social side of Osaka.

Japan is the third-largest economy and the fourth-leading exporter in the world, with 51 Japanese firms making the Fortune 500 lists. Osaka Prefecture is the geographical and economic center of the Kansai region (Osaka, Kyoto & Kobe), and the second largest city in Japan. The area is known for being a powerhouse for aspiring Engineers in the areas of AI/Robotics, Mechanical, Electrical and Software. Some other key industries very much unique to this city include Game Development, Computer Science, Renewable Energy & Environmental Technology, allowing students to get involved in cutting-edge work in these rapidly growing fields.