Virtual Student Federal Service

U.S. Department of State | Remote

This year we will offer 2,200 positions with 50 federal agencies. VSFS offers unique mentoring and exposure to job opportunities within the U.S. government.

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Emily Herman (Theatre)

Disney College Program | Lake Buena Vista, FL

My favorite experience in the program was creating magic for the guest. It was a little boy's birthday and his favorite show was "Festival of the Lion King," which is where I was working. A couple of cast members and I got to take them to a special front-row seat and he got to meet the cast afterward.

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Katherine Palmer (Interdisciplinary Humanities)

Allen Neighborhood Center | Lansing, MI

My favorite experience has been helping to connect people in the Lansing community to locally grown produce and sustainable farming. I am not only connecting people with food but also the experiences of growing it and the communal camaraderie that blossoms when people work together.

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Rebecca Hallman (English)

Disney College Program | Lake Buena Vista, FL

My favorite experience of my internship was when a guest came up to me and handed me a bracelet that said "Best Cast Member Ever" and she told me, "Thank you for all you do!" It made me feel amazing and like I was truly making magic for people.

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Alex Klenk (Theatre)

Wharton Center for Performing Arts | East Lansing, MI

My favorite experience while completing my internship was seeing the effect donations have on the patrons of Wharton Center. For example, we have tons of schools come to see educational performances at Wharton Center as a result of donations to Wharton Center’s Seats4Kids fund.

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Devin Heard (Humanities Prelaw)

CAL Career Peer Intern | MI

At the Michigan Court of Appeals, I had significant exposure and insight into the appellate process. While interning here, I was able to attend case calls, analyze briefs, and meet with judges weekly to discuss the facts, precedents, and details on each case.

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Tessa MacDonald (Film Studies)

Traverse City Film Festival | Traverse City, MI

My favorite experience from my internship was learning about all the possible jobs I can do in the film industry at a film festival alone. So much work goes into running a film festival, and I loved being apart of that.

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Olivia York (Film Studies)

Mocean | Los Angeles, CA

My favorite experience from this summer internship was honestly getting to know each of the employees at MOCEAN. It's so hard to mark one day as a high point, because every day I was able to learn from some of the most creative and welcoming people I have ever met.

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Gabrielle White (English and Public & Professional Writing)

New Village Press | New York City, NY

My favorite experience from the internship was the book launch that my publisher held at the Barnes and Noble in Union Square. We worked really hard to make the event happen for Nadina LaSpina's book Such a Pretty Girl to align with the Disability Pride Parade in New York City.

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