Sumaiya Asghar

As a User Experience Intern for The Home Depot, I designed and developed real-time delivery tracker employing comprehensive approach that encompasses user research, storyboards, synthesis, wireframes, user-flow diagrams, low-fidelity and high-fidelity designs, iteration, and prototypes. I also identified target user groups to understand user needs by conducting user research, led user research efforts conducting 50+ interviews, surveys, and usability tests to gather insights and ensure a user-centered design approach.

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Samantha Huyler

I was a fashion Intern at Golden Stitch Design where my main role was to create different repeat patterns that reflected her company. I did lots of art and trend research and drew from that research to create new and trendy patterns that fit the style of Golden Stitch. Most of my research revolved around nature, as that is the main inspiration for Golden Stitch.

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Sydney Tomlinson

As a Digital Communications Undergraduate Summer Intern, my responsibilities included Creating and publishing weekly digital intern introduction stories for newsletters, social media, and website, producing high-quality graphics and digital/video content for website, social media, email newsletter, and other communications channels, and assisting the communications team with digital projects on an ad hoc basis.

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Abby Theut

As an admin and communications intern, I was responsible for creating 3-5 social media posts on many different platforms each week. I would post current news articles revolving around migration in Africa and the world. I would also post “Did you know?” Slides that inform people about different types of migration and migration trends. Once a month I would post a press review with twelve articles related to migration that were national, regional, and international to South Africa.

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Kailey DeWeerd

My internship title was Studio Student Intern. My responsibilities consisted of conducting studio maintenance, assisting with classes/workshops, attending committee meetings, and the guild's presence at art fair sales.

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Kailey Nguyen-Dong

As a Junior Graphic Designer and Apparel Management, I assisted my employer, Maria Hayes, by designing marketing items for clients such as posters, banners, t-shirts, business cards, menus, etc. I also was in charge of iron-press printing and vinyl peeling for apparel orders.

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Olivia Fossum

Being a Graphic Design Intern meant I had a lot of responsibilities. I was a curator of social media content, designer of promotional marketing and online advertisements, photographer and stylist of models and shoots for website and digital media, and collaborator with owners and designers on upcoming projects and collections.

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MJ Lenk

I was a Records Management Intern for Disability Attorneys of Michigan. I would review and confirm possession of specific records, make necessary calls to facilities, edit training manuals for all departments, and other necessary case manager tasks.

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