Kalyn Janeczko

MSU CAL Excel Network | East Lansing, Michigan

My favorite part of this internship has been being able to see my designs used in several places throughout the organization. So far, I’ve learned a lot about working with an established brand identity and expanding on that identity through my own designs, as well as how graphic design fits into a professional setting.

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Brianna Andrews

Diane Sykes Fashion | Diane Sykes, United Kingdom (remote)

My favorite experience from this internship has been the great bond that I have made with my boss.

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Su Jin Lee

Dr. Julian Chambliss | Michigan State University

I really enjoyed testing out course materials for Dr. Chambliss. I read a lot about Afrofuturism and learned a lot about it!

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Quinlan Sharkey

Legal Intern | Lapeer County Prosecuting Attorney's Office

My favorite experience throughout my internship at this office would be when I went to the local Republican Party meeting and got to meet many influential politicians

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Natalie Poll

Agora Books | London, England (Remote)

I have learned that there is more to the publishing industry than just editing. There are many roles within publishing such as, marketing, publicity, literary agents, sales, and many more.

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Joan Bambery

Spilt Milk Studios | London, United Kingdom (remote)

My favorite part of interning at Spilt Milk Studios is how good-natured the people are. The day starts off with jokes between friends and a genuine care for each other’s work.

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Jessica Snider

Cape Town Environmental Education Trust (CTEET) | Cape Town, South Africa (remote)

My favorite experience of my internship was meeting and getting to know everyone on my team. Everyone was so kind and understanding but they still challenged me to learn and do better, in everything I do.

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Jenna Marie Wood

Glebe Youth Service | Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (remote)

My favorite experience throughout his opportunity was being able to make a personal connection with my supervisor, a coworker, and my program manager through CAPA.

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Holly Langenstein

Scalabrini Centre of Cape Town | Cape Town, South Africa (remote)

Working with Scalabrini was very different from my previous experiences. I learned about time management and professional communication skills.

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Hannah Ramirez

Latest Sale Limited | London, England (remote)

My favorite part of this experience was the creative blog posts I was able to write. I learned a lot about fine jewelry, art, and diverse gemstones.

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