Sumaiya Asghar

As a User Experience Intern for The Home Depot, I designed and developed real-time delivery tracker employing comprehensive approach that encompasses user research, storyboards, synthesis, wireframes, user-flow diagrams, low-fidelity and high-fidelity designs, iteration, and prototypes. I also identified target user groups to understand user needs by conducting user research, led user research efforts conducting 50+ interviews, surveys, and usability tests to gather insights and ensure a user-centered design approach.

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Summer in Seoul – Korean Culture & Language Immersion

Seoul, South Korea | Summer

Take classes at Sogang University in Seoul, a Jesuit institution dedicated to global learning. The university’s pristine concrete and glass buildings soar above sweeping green lawns, and the athletic facilities are fully equipped with indoor courts, an artificial climbing wall, soundproof music rooms for practicing, and outdoor soccer fields.

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Gender Roles and Leadership in College

Florence, Italy; Orvieto, Italy; Rome, Italy | Spring Break

This program was co-designed by fraternity leaders for fraternity members interested exploring leadership, leadership styles, and leadership practices in the context of fraternal organizations. Through the study of these organizations, students will also explore contemporary issues facing college-aged men, as well as the concepts of masculinity and gender roles in a comparative, intercultural context. The education abroad program and associated course provide a venue for discussion across various chapters and councils about issues such as the image of fraternity men on the MSU campus, leading in a fraternity context, and handling topical issues such as relationships, sexism and homophobia, sexual assault, hazing, drinking, and depression.

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Samantha Huyler

I was a fashion Intern at Golden Stitch Design where my main role was to create different repeat patterns that reflected her company. I did lots of art and trend research and drew from that research to create new and trendy patterns that fit the style of Golden Stitch. Most of my research revolved around nature, as that is the main inspiration for Golden Stitch.

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Literacies & Gender in Botswana

Gaborone and Maun, Botswana | Summer

Students will study the history, culture, society, education, politics, and languages of Botswana with a focus on how these topics are impacted by intersectional identities including race, religion, gender, sexuality, and disability. They will work with and learn from students and faculty from MSU, Botswana Open University (BOU), and the University of Botswana (UB). Ultimately MSU students will collaborate with Botswana faculty to facilitate and assess a multi-day writing retreat for faculty and staff from both institutions.

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Internships in Osaka

Osaka, Japan | Summer

Japan is the third-largest economy and the fourth-leading exporter in the world, with 51 Japanese firms making the Fortune 500 lists. Osaka Prefecture is the geographical and economic center of the Kansai region (Osaka, Kyoto & Kobe), and the second largest city in Japan. The area is known for being a powerhouse for aspiring Engineers in the areas of AI/Robotics, Mechanical, Electrical and Software.

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Sydney Tomlinson

As a Digital Communications Undergraduate Summer Intern, my responsibilities included Creating and publishing weekly digital intern introduction stories for newsletters, social media, and website, producing high-quality graphics and digital/video content for website, social media, email newsletter, and other communications channels, and assisting the communications team with digital projects on an ad hoc basis.

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